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About Us:-
Muskurahat Foundation is a non-profit organization consisting of devoted individuals striving to just spread smiles and aiming to bring about the change that everybody just talks about. 
Our blooming founder, Mr. Himanshu Goenka, only at a sheer age of 16, thought that it is time to do his bit for the society and this laid the foundation for Muskurahat on 10th June, 2014 and is spreading infinite smiles with a team of 50 volunteers since then. 
Muskurahat is an initiative to touch every sphere of society from underprivileged children looked down by poverty, to women, to disregard for the environment. We struggle every day, attempting hard to make world a better and happy place to live in. 
To bring out that ‘Muskurahat' which comes from the heart of a happy and contented soul.
We aim at equality especially for woman and breaking the taboos and orthodox philosophy amongst the narrow minded and even in the deepest roots of society. 
Muskurahat, we say it as we grin, wants people to smile, spread tremendous happiness and be the reason behind those bright smiles and glistening eyes of joy. 
We strive hard to provide the best for the under-privileged section of the society specially children and encourage them to endeavor for excellence in education and health by providing them with a sponsored fruitful education and stabilizing their unstable lifestyle.
We desire do our part for the society and attempt to encourage people to do their bit thus making it a blissful place full of happiness and peace.